Welcome to a curated selection of both international and Scandinavian brands that epitomize sustainability, impeccable design, and premium quality making the more sustainable choices desirable. 

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But first, a little about brand criterias…


The Swedish electric bike company MOVS blends Scandinavian simplicity with urban functionality for the ultimate sustainable commuting. Their unique membership model offers access to cutting-edge e-bikes without ownership, making eco-friendly urban travel hassle-free.

With detachable batteries providing a 100-kilometer range and lightweight aluminum frames, MOVS bikes prioritize practicality and style. The affordable membership costs, comparable to public transport fees, make e-bike adoption accessible to all.


TINI leads the charge in on-demand designer clothing, bridging technology and fashion since 2020. Each garment features a digital ID, offering insights into production, care, repair options and rewarding sustainability. Founded by Johanna Mörk and Tini Warg, TINI challenges traditional production methods, advocating for wardrobe essentials and quality over excess.

With a focus on natural and recycled materials, TINI reduces its carbon footprint and promotes mindful living. Embracing EU-certified fabrics, TINI pioneers sustainability in fashion and beyond.


Discover a wine revolution pioneered by scientist Anders Crichton-Fock. As a sustainability-focused university professor, he’s redefining wine’s flavor palette and ecological footprint. In his lab, he salvages overlooked bottles, infusing them with unique tastes such as herbs, mushrooms, and algae to salvage and create unique flavors.
With Amplio, his latest innovation, a few drops is all it takes to transform a wine’s taste profile to make it go from bland to fully enriched with flavor.

Back to Poetry

Back to Poetry, founded and driven by Hanna Nyman, crafts enduring paper blossoms. Back to Poetry merges textile artistry with a love for flowers. Inspired by childhood memories in a florist’s shop, the artist’s return to paper signifies a revival of hands-on creativity.
Each meticulously crafted bloom embodies timeless artistry and sustainability, using FSC-certified Italian crepe paper and non-toxic glue. Beyond replicas, these paper flowers honor the unique beauty of real blooms, offering a sustainable alternative to fleeting freshness.

The Reverence Project

The Reverence Project, founded by Felicia Halén Fredell, is a revolutionary platform in the fashion industry that will launch at the end of March. Inspired by individual muses, the project intricately weaves their stories into meaningful couture designs that represent internal and external facets.

Rejecting conformity and embracing authenticity, The Reverence Project values radical vulnerability, authenticity, and a commitment to sustainability. It releases looks instead of collections, focusing on fewer products striving for timelessness over trends.


Anekdot, a luxury lingerie brand, celebrates the feminine essence with Italian elegance, Scandinavian minimalism
and Berliner sexiness. Their collection merges nostalgia with modern comfort, emphasizing natural curves. Crafted in Germany and Poland, their zero-waste designs use recycled and surplus materials, while also empowering women to feel comfortable in their skin.
Founded by Swedish designer Sofie Andersson, Anekdot is a passion project based in Berlin, prioritizing ethical manufacturing and environmental impact.

Lilja The Label

Lilja the Label is a sustainable Finnish swimwear brand that prioritizes ethical and sustainable practices. Their swimwear is designed to last and is crafted from the finest recycled or natural materials. Designed in Helsinki and ethically manufactured in Portugal, they embrace the values of slow fashion and prioritize the well-being of everyone in the supply chain.

Committed to leading change in the fashion industry, they believe in thriving alongside a thriving environment and community.


ROOP is a UK boutique founded by Natasha Roop Fernandes Anjo. The innovative fashion brand crafts unique and eclectic handbags and accessories in Manchester. Natasha,
a fashion design graduate, discovered her design passion through sustainability and experimentation, leading to the creation of Roop’s signature tied furoshiki bags.

Each collection features individually sourced vintage and remnant fabrics, ensuring limited availability and environmental consciousness. Collaborating with diverse artists, ROOP embraces playful fashion, offering joy and versatility in every piece.


FERO, the pioneer of natural, vegan, aluminum-free deodorants, revolutionizes with an ethical approach.
Its signature paper tube reflects environmental commitment, fitting into any mailbox. Available in four fragrances, featuring local artists’ artworks, FERO embodies holistic wellness and eco-consciousness. Blending functionality with aesthetic appeal, FERO transforms a daily necessity into a playful expression of well-being, both physically and mentally.


Mantle is all about transformative skincare. Their mission is to promote stronger, resilient skin while embracing individual expression and graceful aging. What makes Mantle unique from a social sustainability point of view is that they refuse to play with insecurities or promote unrealistic beauty standards. Still, they are beauty-nerds to the core.

Their award-winning formulas, crafted in a Swedish laboratory, have earned acclaim for their innovative use of biomimetic ingredients.
Vintage Sphere is all about creating a sphere for modern vintage lovers to enjoy well curated vintage fashion. Exploring self expression through style and studying the cyclical and nostalgic nature of runway trends and subculture is their specialty. Always finding new angles and inspiration from the past to express the now.
Through their digital and physical spaces, they offer handpicked items for the modern vintage fashion lover who appreciates unique style and quality clothing. Specializing in vintage from the 1970’s up until the early 2000’s.

Our showroom sponsors


Based in Copenhagen, Better Weather transforms local industry waste into furniture and design objects. Founded by Anne Werner and Kasper Lynge, their webshop offers unique state furniture in collaboration with a Swedish manufacturer.
With a mission to reimagine the potential of these materials, Better Weather unlocks value from existing resources and presents fresh perspectives and sustainable design solutions.
MJUK is a Finnish furniture retail platform that redefines the way you buy and sell pre-loved furniture. Their innovative re-commerce platform boasts the largest selection of circular furniture in the Nordics.
Founded with a vision for simplicity, safety and commitment to authenticity, they ensure that every piece purchased is genuine and clean, while also being delivered straight to your doorstep. MJUK's goal is to make buying and selling second-hand items simple, safe, and fun.


GodEl stands out as a sustainable electricity company with their commitment to renewable energy through the ‘Bra Miljöval’ certification, ensuring environmentally conscious electricity.
Since 2005, they have directed all profits, towards various charitable causes such as Barncancerfonden and Rädda Barnen. Renowned for their commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, GodEl strives for a journey towards affordable, eco-friendly energy solutions.