Juno was given the brief to create a report that could reach stakeholders in politics, opinion leaders, representatives from the tech industry, and civil society, while also gaining new insights into the organization’s educational and social work with young people.

The solution? We conducted a comprehensive survey on the habits and beliefs of young people in the Nordic region regarding Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse – the world’s most topical tech-phenomenons right now. While an intense debate about the implications of AI and the Metaverse has flourished, the perspectives of the young have not gotten much space. We wanted to change that by giving them a voice.

The survey’s results were presented in a report launched at a seminar during the political event in Almedalen, Visby. The main result showed that a significant portion of the Nordic youth is optimistic about both AI and the Metaverse, while also demanding more knowledge about its effects, and more regulations from both companies and the political establishment. However, there are substantial differences between genders. Boys and men tend to be more frequent users of these new technologies, and are much more optimistic, while girls and women run the risk of falling behind.

The event at Almedalen was fully booked and became a hot topic within the precise target group it aimed to reach. Many wonder how AI and the Metaverse will truly change our way of life and work. Simultaneously, AI regulations are being discussed in the EU Parliament, and the legal framework for both AI and the Metaverse remains unclear. The unique insights from the report could serve as a basis for decision-making and potentially shift the ongoing debate, where AI is often portrayed as a threat.

Read the report in PDF format by clicking on the image below.