Goes with everything

Sevan is Sweden’s largest producer of hummus, but hummus is not a big category in Sweden and is usually placed in the “world food” section in supermarkets. To increase sales volume and market share, Sevan needed to change the perception of the entire category and make Swedes understand that hummus can be eaten as a condiment to your everyday meals. Not just when you have a Middle Eastern themed dinner.

Juno created a PR and advertising campaign with the goal to educate the Swedes on how to eat hummus. We called the concept “Goes with everything”, and this was also the main message we wanted people to remember. All communication was based on showing how to integrate hummus in Swedish cuisine.

We introduced new flavours of the product by sending the products, press release, images and recipe to journalists and influencers. Total reach for this activation: 1,1 million.

In paid media we created ads for outdoor, TV and social media. In a humorous way we showed that you can eat hummus on hamburgers, with fish, or even cake (or maybe not…) – and it will make the dish even better. Estimated reach for this activation: 8,2 million.