Battling wine waste with Återvin

Sweden is one of the countries in the world where the most wine is consumed. It is also a country where thousands of liters of drinkable wine are poured out every year. This significant waste makes wine a product with a considerable negative impact on the environment and climate. In order to reduce wine waste and explore new taste experiences, Örebro University conducts research at Fotografiska Stockholm, where old wines are salvaged and given new life.

Juno was tasked with creating media attention for the wine production and the new type of wine produced in Fotografiska’s premises. We wanted to turn Fotografiska’s upcycled wines into a new category of beverage and an established concept. Just as natural wine has grown in popularity in recent years, we want the upcycled wines to have the same natural and trendy status, or preferably replace natural wines as an environmentally friendly and trendy drink choice.

Therefore, we coined the term ‘Återvin’ (Re-wine) to clarify the launch of a new type of product and to trace the birth of this wine category specifically to Fotografiska. By linking Återvin to the fact that Sweden has a significant wine waste issue, additional public interest and relevance for the issue were created.

The news had a strong impact in both mainstream and industry media, with a total reach of 8 287 318.