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Sustainable consumption habits in the aftermath of Corona – how should companies prepare for the consumers of the future?

The COVID-19 pandemic has overthrown Sweden and the world into a crisis. We’ve had to rethink, change our behavior and reorganize. Many industries have seen their revenue streams decreasing abruptly due to consumer abruptly changing their consumption habits. At the same time, we clearly see the positive effects on the climate, due to reduced travel and fewer emissions among other things.

Can the crisis be a possibility for sustainable transition? Will new consumer behavior that has been forced by the pandemic persist, thereby accelerating green innovations and transformations? How can companies and brands prepare for a new and more sustainable consumer?

Welcome to a conversation regarding new consumer patterns where we in collaboration with experts discuss whether the crisis can act as a starting point for more sustainable systems with new solutions, adjusted for a post-pandemic existence.


Sofia Ulver, Consumption researcher, Lund University

Emma Hernell, Vice President, HUI

Olivia Rothschild, Founder Hyber

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