Picadeli is a Swedish salad pioneer, driven by the belief that fast food should be food that’s good for you. The idea is simple; through self-served salads, democratize healthy food and prove that fast food can be nutritious, fresh and tasty. The company came to Juno with the goal to become thought-leader within healthy fast food and an advocate for democratizing healthy food. But to become a true thought leader we need to tap into a relevant and ongoing discussion in the media. A real problem that needs a solution.

The past few years the access to healthy food has been discussed in media, and we have seen proof of eating habits being connected to socio-economic factors. Studies all over the world show that access to healthy food, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, has a high correlation to levels of income and education. So, we presented Vegocracy, a creative concept with the goal of democratizing healthy food.

We started off by conducting a global survey that shows how socioeconomic differences affect eating habits in Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, and the US. The results were presented in a report that shed light on the situation in different countries, the causes of unhealthy eating habits, alongside opinions from experts on possible solutions. Key findings were presented to journalists through a press release and an opinion piece where Picadeli’s CEO argued for a lower VAT on fruit and vegetables to democratize healthy food. The findings from the Vegocracy report were also presented at seminars at the political forum Almedalen.

Juno was responsible for the global creative concept and activations, global PR strategy, formulating, global PR toolkit distributed to other markets, as well as the media outreach in Sweden. In Sweden Vegocracy was featured in 43 articles all over the country and the media reach was over 2 million.